SOLID lines are taken from data every May from 1998 to 2021 as reported in the official congregational reports in the personal archives of former MBC Pastor Ron Johnson and Salvador Cordova. Dashed lines are estimated and/or interpolated from a variety of sources. The September 26,2021 estimate of 4000 in physical attendance was derived from unofficial counts performed by members in person at the 5 MBC campuses.

Save McLean Bible Church

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Explanation Videos

2-minute video satire of the present McLean Bible leadership through animating the graph above.

13-minute video summary, pastor Kelsey talking about “torching all white people”

51-minute detailed presentation, The sacred duty, and the money trail of corruption


David Platt Loses 1st Round in Court Case (12/6/21)

Sal Cordova Threatened with Arrest and Jail by MBC (10/8/21)

Christianity Today: The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill (8/16/21)

AD Robles: David Platt’s Big Lie – Exposed With Evidence (7/29/21)

AD Robles: Was I Wrong About McLean Bible and the SBC ? – Lets Take a Look (8/2/21)

Allie Beth Stuckey of The Blaze (7/26/21)

David Platt claimed ‘Devoted Christians’ in DC area ‘skip over’ McLean Bible Church (7/30/21)

MBC Opened its June 30 Business Meeting with threats (7/28/21)

David Platt’s Big Lie — Exposed with Evidence (video 7/29/21)

Jim Powers on Point of Order response to David Platt and other (7/26/21)

News Articles

Of Naples, Ft. Lauderdale & McLEan Bible Church: Tales of Ego, Power & Money (7/26/21)

Tensions over ‘liberal’ direction of David Platt’s McLean Bible Church erupt in lawsuit (7/21/21)

David Platt’s dreams for MBC sour as members file a lawsuit (July 20, 2021)

David Platt’s church name new elders despite controversy (July 19, 2021) by Sara Einsele of Julie Roys Report

Capstone: Woke David Platt spreads fake news while decrying disinformation (July 11, 2021).

Capstone: David Platt is Leftist says former McLean Bible Church Elder (July 12, 2021)

Capstone: McLean Bible Church Pastor: ‘I want to torch white people’ (July 14,2021)

Capstone: David Platt, McLean Bible Church facing legal challenge over ‘arbitrary’ actions

Personal Testimonies of Members accused and insinuated by David Platt from the pulpit and from letters from the elder board of being divisive and deceptive and some part of a hostile take over.

Debbie Ash speaks of her ordeal under the actions of MBC leadership

Dr. Sandy Pidgeon, USN retired with Sal Cordova (July 16, 2021)

Privately written articles by members and leaders who must protect their identity

Letter from “the five” senior members of MBC

Restore MBC

Before You Vote, What Every MBC Member Should Investigate

McLean Bible Church Pastor Espouse Critical Race Theory

Open or Released Letters from members, former members, former elders, former pastors of MBC

Open Letter to the Attendees, Members, Staff, Pastors, & Elders of Mclean Bible Church from Gerard Dache/Member for 27 Years

Letter from David Hatcher (version 2, released with permission)


Steve Gaskins, Michael Manfredi, Roland Smith, Deborah Ash and Kevin Ewell vs. McLean Bible Church, INC., et. al

Mike Kelsey in Context (presented only in fairness, not an endorsement!)

Mike on Jennie Allen facebook video saying “torch all white people”

text of Mike Kelsey saying “torch” from Jennie Allen show

Historical Attendance Documents

2007 Congregational Meeting Report (covers 1998-2007)

2010 Congregational Meeting Report (covers 2000-2010)

2019 Congregational Meeting Report (Covers 2010-2019)

2021 Congregational Meeting Report (Covers 2011-2021)

Raw Video

Capstone video from the floor 7/18/21

Commentary (caveat emptor, regarding accuracy)

AD Robles: Chaos at McLean Bible Church Business Meeting/Worship Service (7/21/21)

Twitter Feeds

Tom Buck reacts to LGBTQ message by MBC Pastor Eric Saunders